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Digitech: Death Metal, Guitar Effects Pedal

Aug 26 2007, 12:25 AM (Post #1)
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Price paid: $50

Purchased from: Gear 1 Music

Ease of Use: This pedal is pretty straight forward. But then again, just about any stomp box from DigiTech is very easy to use. However, getting a good sound out of it is a whole different story. There's a level knob which apparently controls the volume of the pedal, and there is a 3-band EQ which controls how your distortion sounds depending on how you equalize things. // 8

Sound: This is probably the crappiest sounding distortion pedal I've ever heard. It just sounds so fake. There is no crunch or roar from this thing at all, just very loud fuzz. Palm muting sounds like static, the tones you can get for soloing are pretty much worthless because it's just so buzzy sounding. Even for a $50 pedal, this isn't worth it. If you're getting this pedal, chances are you have a solid state amp with either no distortion or mediocre distortion. If that's the case, save up just $30 more and get a DigiTech Metal Master if you want to spend the minimum on a decent distortion pedal. If you have amp like a Line 6 Spider, or maybe one of the Roland Cubes, you're going to get much better sound out of your amp any day of the week. For anybody curious, I've tried multiple guitars and multiple amps with every pedal that I've tried or own. BC Rich Beast, Schecter Omen 6, BC Rich Platinum V, Ibanez RG (can't remember the exact model), and one of the ESP LTD's. As for amps, (though it doesn't really matter what amp you're on normally when it comes to a stomp box) they are: B-52 AT-212, Crate VTX30, Crate GT15, Peavey Bandit 65, and a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb. // 3

Reliability & Durability: The upside about the Death Metal pedal is that it is very durable. Since it's a DigiTech stomp box, it's made out of metal casing, and it can be dropped without damage. However, I'm not sure about how reliable it can be. This is because I also have used a DigiTech Grunge, which is from the same series as the Death Metal, and it just simply stopped working. But, then again, I have a Bad Monkey and it's worked great the whole time that I've had it. So, it's your call. // 7

Impression: Let me first state that I never actually bought this pedal. Two of my friends whom I jammed with very often always brought their Death Metal Pedals over. But, I also have borrowed the pedals over long periods of time before, so I've had plenty of time to see what all it can do. Bottom line is, save up $30 more and get something better like a DigiTech Metal Master. Or, if you want to go a little bigger, get a Boss MT-2 or a Line 6 Uber Metal for $100. If I remember correctly, the uber cheap Danelectro: Fab Metal sounds better than the Death Metal. Also, just so everyone knows, I am very much into Heavy Metal, and Death Metal. Cryptopsy, Necrophagist, Deicide, you name it. // 2

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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