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Digitech: Metal Master, Guitar Effects Pedal

Aug 26 2007, 12:30 AM (Post #1)
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Price paid: Free (Retail Price: $90)

Purchased from: Some Spoiled Rich Kid

Ease of Use: This pedal is extremely simple to use. There is a Level (volume of the pedal), Low, High, and "Morph" which controls what kind of distortion you have. There is an input jack, output jack, power supply, easy to replae battery under the cover, and of course just like every DigiTech pedal, an output for a mixer to use for recording. Pretty much your standard stuff here. It's not very hard to get a pretty good sound out of this either. // 10

Sound: The Metal Master sounds pretty much like what DigiTech attempted (and failed) to make the cheaper Death Metal distortion pedal. This pedal is one of the better distortion pedals out there at a retail price of $90. a lot of people often compare this to Boss's MT-2 Metal Zone. In my opinion, this sounds just slightly less real than the MT-2, but in my opinion, it's not enough of a difference to think that you made a mistake with your purchase. While there are a few better sounding distortion pedals out there, this is a pretty good one, and should do most of what you want. The lows are nice and bassy while the highs are pretty good and controllable as well. There are 3 distortion ranges on this pedal. The first third of the pedal is like a Vintage sounding distortion for the classic stuff such as AC/DC. Then there is a model which mimicks the sound of the DigiTech Death Metal pedal (which sounds better than the real thing) which can be used for a lot of Industrial kind of rock and metal, and then the last bit of it is obviously the most extreme. Great for Death and Thrash Metal. The Metal Master does not deliver that best tone in the world for when you want to solo, unless you pair it up with a bunch of reverb. It also sounds Digital, and slightly fuzzy, but it's not enough to steer most people away. // 8

Reliability & Durability: It's made of metal casing, so if you drop it, it shouldn't be damaged that badly. However, I cannot get the battery compartment to work with this pedal, so that's a hit or miss. I'm not sure if a lot of DigiTech's Metal Masters are like this or not. However, a power supply should be used anyway, because stomp boxes suck the juice out of batteries QUICK. The power supply jack works perfectly fine. // 6

Impression: I've played this pedal with a Schecter Omen 6, BC Rich Beast (bronze), Washburn Telecaster Copy, and a BC Rich V (platinum). The amps I've used are: B-52 AT-212, Crate VTX30, Marshall MG100DFX, Crate GT15, Behringer V-Amp 120W Head, and a Peavey Bandit 65. Like I've already said before, there are better pedals out there, but this one is pretty worthy for your collection if you want some different kinds of distortion apart from your amp, or if you need some heavy sounds from your Strat. Definitely not perfect, but it's still worth taking a look at. If this was lost or stolen, I can't say I would get another. I'd probably go for a Metal Muff. // 7

Overall Rating: 7.8 out of 10

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