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Online poker

Dec 6 2010, 04:50 AM (Post #1)
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So, some of us have been playing online poker for a few months, mostly on Full Tilt poker. Jay, Brian, and I have all been into it, off and on, Brian was up like $100, I'm up like $250-300. It's a fun game, combining luck, math, and psychology, and it can be profitable if you play it right (you just have to play it better than most others).

It's worth checking out if you get the time, and I can probably stake someone if needed (like $5, or if I think you'd be good at it, $10). Mike has also played a few of the free games (yes, it's quite possible to join the site with nothing, win a freeroll, and eventually turn that into a lot of money, people have done it, and many even play for a living).

And for the hell of it, if you want to talk about live poker, or games you play with your friends, this thread will be inclusive for that stuff as well.

EDIT: If there's enough interest, I'll consider hosting a $25 private freeroll for origin members.

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Dec 8 2010, 08:35 AM (Post #2)
Here for the cute boys ;)
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I'd probably lose everything, lol. Better chance for me to win at Blackjack.
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Dec 9 2010, 03:10 AM (Post #3)
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Unfortunately I've never played poker, and I'm not a big fan of luck games.

Poker is interesting though. I have a friend who developed a bot to play poker on some websites and he's making enough to live off of.
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