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Mind and Body

Jun 30 2011, 07:15 AM (Post #1)
Well why can't we do the shuffle?!
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Sitting here, shaking in my living room
Switching from loving to demonic to loving again
The ones I care about are off, far away
Nodding off, something my body just won't allow
Hearing the chemical, yes...kept up by a drug
Fighting off the urge to be exestential
Fighting off the urge to run as a swift wind
A deadly toxin, coursing through my veins
Heart pumps at high rates like an expensive hotel
I start to feel a tingling now, shaking, grinding
Singing like a girl I sing the pop of yesteryear
When will it stop? These late night ramblings.
Words? Thoughts? Memories? Scrambled like an egg.
My mind runs in circles of thoughts, no direction.
I hate it, my mortal enemy.
Destroyer of productivity.
That's right, hit that final note.
Play it like you mean it, it made you famous
While I sit here, not damned but lost
And my face tingles in the epic struggle
Of bodily functions and mental panic.
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