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Death Note Live Action Films, Do they compare?

Jan 1 2012, 12:53 AM (Post #1)
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I loved the Death Note manga. Instantly in my top 3 of all time.

Recently the first 2 of the live action films came on TV back to back and me and my fiancée watched them. Now these were the subbed version and she is no fan of manga/anime/Japanese entertainment, but she was totally engrossed, perhaps even more so than me.

Now, I really enjoyed them, and I think the fact I haven't read the mange in so long probably helped as I am aware a lot was changed, especially the ending which lacked the "wow" factor of the manga for me. But still, they did very well to condense it down to two films.

What do you feel about the films? And how does L: Change The World also compare?
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Jan 22 2012, 07:10 AM (Post #2)
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watched em both, and have to say, the first was worth suffering through, in order to watch the second one, which wasnt bad at all. The first....just was lousy, dont know why I say that, it just was. The second had so much more action in it. Also, I DLed it as a three set, so I thought it was going to be three movies, so it made the ending a bit of a surprise for me, when it ended in the second movie, lolz. Third movie just had all the same actors and voice actors, but had nothing to do with death note....even had the death note english anime voice actors doing the clue what that was.
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