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Best Of Marvel (for cheap), Suck it America!

Jan 7 2012, 05:28 PM (Post #1)
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Don't know if anything similar happens in America, but over here we regularly have these fortnightly magazines with a different thing you collect each issue ie parts of a model which by the end will build a dinosaur, episodes of a TV show while the magazine provides 'behind the scenes' features, etc.

Usually they are overpriced, rope you in with a low-priced Issue 1 then jack it up to £10-£15 per fortnight. Rarely does someone complete the collection.

Finally, one has arrived which is actually decent value for money. It's the "Best Of" Marvel, and although it seems to obviously deal with the latest stuff, Issue 2 is The Dark Phoenix Saga and there appears to be about 30-40 issues, so plenty of scope for retro goodies. Issue 1 is £3, Issue 2 is £7, then Issue 3+ is £10. Considering hardcover is normally £14+, I'd say this is a very easy and cheap way to stock up your Marvel library.

Hopefully I can collect the whole set. I know these things tend to disappear off most shelves around issue 20, but WH Smith seem pretty committed to it ssmile.gif

Anyone else getting in on this? And is there anything similar in other countries?

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