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PS2 - DBZ Budokai, 4/10

Apr 15 2004, 02:21 AM (Post #1)
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Title - DBZ Budokai

The Good: Cut-scenes well-develop the story-line (any more hyphens?).
The Bad: Almost no replay value.
And the Ugly: The graphics are extremely blocky.

Controls: 6/10
The controls are rather simple and easy, especially if you customize them. However, in the heat of an intense battle, it would easy to punch instead of kick, or do a combo you're not even trying to do, but what you do doesn't matter much. In a human versus human game, the winner is usually the person who can press buttons faster. I don't like button-mashers, so I took a few points off.

Sound: 6/10
Not much to say, it's all from the American version of DBZ. The voices in cut scenes are rather good, but some don't sound at all like the character. The punching and kicking sounds like, well, punching and kicking. Almost all the energy blasts sound the same.

Graphics: 5/10
The in game graphics are average, but great compared to the rest of the DBZ video game franchise, they are a breakthrough in technology. In cut scenes, words match the mouths rather well, and it looks like a DBZ episode. However, the cut scene graphics aren't much better than the in-game graphics. The cut-scenes needed a bit more shaving of the corners.

Satisfaction: 4/10
Much more than I expected from the mediocre DBZ franchise, the best yet from them. However, compared to top fighting games, it's not much unless you're a hard core DBZ fan. (Which I hardly am at all.) The only thing this game lacks is something you can do once you beat it all besides that stupid "Legend of Hercule" thing.

Replay Value: 1/10
This game has the worst replay value one could imagine. The same damn thing happens over and over! The only difference the second time around is a few extra levels from the villain's perspective, and the aforementioned "Legend of Hercule" mini-game. Without that, it would get a big fat 0/10 for replay.

Conclusion: 22/50
It is a pretty average fighter but the plot and cut scenes make you forget the actual game sometimes stinks. Overall, DBZ Budokai gets a bit less than average 22/50.
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