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Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Apr 20 2004, 01:41 AM (Post #1)
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Name: Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: -
Created by: Capcom, Marvel
ESRB Rating: T (For teen)
System: PS2, Xbox, Sega Dreamcast (this review is based off the PS2 version)

This is a 2-D, 3 on 3 fighting game. The action gets intense, and theirs a lot of unlockables to be unlocked.

Graphics - 7/10
The 2-D characters on the 3-D background don't exactly go together. The background just makes the characters look very pixelated. Still, the graphics are really colorful and holds steady, in spite of the intense amount of action that is going on.

Sound - 7/10
The music is jazz (or at least jazz-like). The jazzy music doesn't fit in well with fighting games. This game is no exception. Though, you could always mute the television and put on your own music. The voice-over taunts are done okay.

Gameplay - 9/10
It's simple. You choose your team of 3 characters from the lineup of 56(!) characters from, both, Marvel and Capcom's. From there, you go through around 9 battles (in arcade mode) and have a lot of time. The intense amount of action that can happen in each match is incredible. Fun.

Replay - 9/10
With so many unlockables, from capcom's Gambit to marvel's Ken, there is so many combinations of teams you can try out. The 56 characters is just insane in a fighting game.

Overall - 8/10
A very solid 2-D fighting game. Though it's not as good as Soul Calibur II or Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, this is a very solid, good game.
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