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Twisted Metal: Black, I'm bored

Apr 24 2004, 04:53 AM (Post #1)
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Name: Twisted Metal: Black
Genre: Car Combat
Release Date: 2001
Created by: Incog Inc
ESRB Rating: M (For Mature)
System: PS2

This game lets you play as 1 of 15 'characters.' Really, you drive a car around and try to blow up the other cars. The enviromant is pretty interactive. Be warned: This game is hard when you are playing on normal or hard difficulties and without cheats.
Oh, the secret characters and levels, this game makes you find these 'black blocks' to unlock them. These blocks are really well hidden and quite fun to find. , personally, have gotten all but one block (and it's for a level).

Graphics -8.5/10
Great. You can see the sparks flying off the cars when you hit them with a weapon. The animation when Sweet Tooth uses his special, is so awesome. You see his car actually turn into a small mech, ready to throw 20 powerful (a little bit of homing, too) missiles to the unlucky b*stard.
The only complaint I have here is that some levels get pretty dark, so it's kinda hard to see. But, if you play in a well-lit room, this shouldn't be much of a problem.

Sound - 9.5/10
Creepy music, missiles flying through the air, and explosians. It's excellent. If your looking for rock-esque music type, well, you'll not going to find any. Besides the music fits the mood, story, and the setting of the game. The music fits perfectly.

control - 8.5/10
This game controls are really responsive. If you played any of the previous Twisted Metals, then you basically know the set up already. If you haven't, it takes a little bit of time to learn, but you should pick up fairly quickly.

Gameplay - 8.5/10
Drive. Shoot. Destroy. The basic premise of the game. Not much is offered, but, this is fun. It's fun to destroy cars. Especially in multiplayer modes. Destroying your friends is fun.

Replay - 8.5/10
Theres a lot to do. After you unlock all of the characters, levels, and story scenes (for each character) the next thing is muitlplayer mode. You got friends? No problem. No friends? That sucks. Well, there's not much else for me to write right now.

Overall - 8.5/10
A reallty good game. One of the best there was early in the PS2's life. It's still the best car combat game, so if you want one of those games, this game is it. (and only $20s, too, since it's a greatest hits title.)
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