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PS2 - WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain!, 9/10

Apr 29 2004, 04:04 AM (Post #1)
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Name: WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain!
Genre: Wrestling
Release Date: 2003
Created By: THQ
ESRB Rating: T (For Teens)
System: PS2

The premiere wrestling game. If you want the best wrestling game out there, this is the way to go.

Graphics - 8/10
Pretty Good. The collision detection could use some work, and the wrestlers walk around as if there is a stick stuck up their ass. Other than that, it's pretty good.

Sound - 8.5/10
The music is rock-esque during a match, otherwise, it'll be the wrestler's theme entrance or Raws/Smackdown theme music. There is no comentator, which sucks, but it is okay.

Control - 9/10
If you played any of the previous SmackDowns, thenyou basically know what it is. Otherwisw, you'll gonna need to learn it. There isn't much of a learning curve.

Gameplay - 9/10
You fight each other in match types, such as Singles and tag, all the way to the Hell in the Cell and the Elimination Chambers mach. Pretty much all match types are gere, except for two (As far as I can tell. Those matches would be the Inferno Match; this match is where you have to set your opponant on fire and the Coffin Match; where you have to seal your opponant in a coffin). There is a bra and panties match! That's where you pit 2 divas against each other and the winner is when one strips their opponant all the way until they are in their bra and panties.

Replay - 8/10
Theres a lot to do, but it gets old after a while.

Overall - 9/10
The best wrestling game out there (at least for now). A good rental. Wrestling fans with a PS2 should get this, otherwise, rent then decide.
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Apr 6 2007, 03:44 AM (Post #2)
Here for the cute boys ;)
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This review is okay. Could be a little more detailed in some aspects, but I think it would fly.

What are the rest of yoru thoughts?
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Apr 6 2007, 09:18 AM (Post #3)
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Considering it is almost 3 years old, I doubt he has any more thoughts on the matter lurk.gif
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Apr 6 2007, 06:35 PM (Post #4)
Here for the cute boys ;)
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He doesn't post here anymore either...
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