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Zander Eclipse, Character Profile

Dec 21 2004, 07:46 AM (Post #1)
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Full Character Name: Zander Eclipse

Character Nickname: Desu Shadoo (death shadow), The Phantom Plague, The Viper

Age / Date of Birth: 18, Date of birth unknown

Class / Job: Assassin/Mercenary

Gender: Male

Relatives: None (all dead)

Height / Weight: 5’11, 154 lbs

Other Physical Attributes / Appearances: Zander has dark brown eyes and short black hair. He has a medium build and is incredibly fast. He can also jump remarkable distances up and across. He is very acrobatic and has much vitality. His skin is only a light tanned color because he spends most of his time veiled.

Mental Attributes / Personality: Zander is a silent person. He only really speaks when he is spoken to. He will take any job, as long as the pays reasonable. Most people that see him usually walk to the other side of the road. He is an incredibly quick thinker and an excellent strategist. He prefers working at night because he feels the night is his friend. He is always dead serious and only thing he finds funny is when he fights overconfident people and they lose. He has only a few friends, One being Alysa, whom Zander saved from bandits. She has feelings towards him but he shows nothing back.

Background / History: Zander was born into a family that belonged to a wandering troupe of performers and magicians. When Zander was a few months old, Imperial soldiers attacked his troupe. They slaughtered everyone. As Zander’s mother was running away she got hit in the back by an arrow. She fell on top of Zander, hiding him from the view of the soldiers. About half an hour after the attack, an old man by the name of Lazarus herd the crying of a baby and found Zander. Lazarus recognized the ring is that of a troupe, so Lazarus took Zander in and raised him. Lazarus was an ex-assassin and he told Zander stories about his many adventures. When Zander was five, Lazarus began to train Zander in the way of the assassin. When Zander was 18 he was sent out on a training test. While Zander was away, Imperial soldiers came to Lazarus house. Even though Lazarus was a great assassin, he was 110 years old and stood no chance against the soldiers. When Zander came back he saw how is master had been killed. Zander took up his master’s sword and set out for revenge. He continued to train himself for a time when he must face his greatest opponent.

Equipment / Clothing: As an assassin: Zander wears a black shirt and black pants with a thin Mithril vest underneath. He has a black belt with his own personal symbol on it (a viper that is coiled around a sword). He has black boots and black gloves. For weapons he carries a short sword on his back which goes by the name ‘Plague’. Lazarus gave it to him. It can poison whomever it cuts and they can die within five minutes. He also has special throwing knifes that he places in his belt. These are called ‘Bane Knifes’. The are knifes with poison on their tips. He also has a bow and a quiver full of ‘Bane Arrows’, which also have poison on their tips. Zander also wears a ring with a mask on it. It was around his neck when Lazarus found him and Zander believes that it enhances is acrobatic power. He also sometimes wears a black cape and black mask so people cannot recognize him.

Other Information: Zander is very cautious. When he is on the road traveling and nighttime approaches. He usually sleeps in an unusual place (like a tree) so no one can ambush him. Also after he makes a hit on someone, he usually leaves is viper symbol some nearby. He also has a large bounty on his head and is always hunted by various mercenaries’.

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Dec 21 2004, 07:30 PM (Post #2)
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Profile Content:
Full Character Name: 4 Points
Character Nickname: 3 Points
Age / Date of Birth: 4 Points
Class / Job: 4 Points
Gender: 2 Points
Relatives: 4 Points
Height / Weight: 2 Points
Other Physical Attributes / Appearances: 9 Points
Mental Attributes / Personality: 10 Points
Background / History: 9 Points
Equipment / Clothing: 10 Points
Other Information: 8 Points

My grade: 94/100 - Above Average
-I liked it, but you need to go into a little more depth with your History. Either way, it is plenty enough to get you an RP license.
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Dec 22 2004, 04:48 AM (Post #3)
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Cool. Now I guess I need to wait for one of the other people to grade it.

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Dec 22 2004, 06:06 PM (Post #4)
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